Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Sell up and sail!

Well, that's it, the descision has been made and it's "SELL, SELL, SELL".

We have had many years in this beautiful place living on a brilliant barge but it's time to move on.  As detailed in my other blog, the little Fisher  25 sailboat has given us many many miles of lovely sailing but it is a bit small for those longer times away.  So we are looking for a Fisher 34 Mk II and will sell the barge and the little Fisher and leave for pastures new.  After all "We tread this path but once" and there is a lot more to do and see.


  1. I love the 25 & 30 boats, from your experience is there a great deal of difference in the accommodation size ? A 34 would be my choice, a 37 a dream. But marina fees keep my ego in line. Keep going with the blog and videos, they are good ! Ivan

  2. There is not too much between the 25 and 30 but the 31 is bigger. You notice it straight away. 34 is a good sailor, 37 to die for and the 46 a 25 ton beast. There's one going cheap in Fort Lauderdale. Built for an astronaut who sailed the Pacific.