Sunday, 8 February 2015

The turnip is dead, long live the turnip.

Well the Navitron 300 watt wind turbine certainly proved that wind power would make a significant contribution to our energy needs.  But....... it was a bit agricultural and needed to be looked after and when I am away sailing on the little boat Mrs B needs not to be bothered with agricultural things.

So one had a good look around and comes up with this......

A Leading Edge 600 Watt downwind turbine.  Ordered in December of 2014, it was built and arrived in mid January 2015.  Made in good old Blighty and doesn't it look sexy.  Well I think it does anyway, like an antenna off the Millennium Falcon ! 

First the blades are bolted to the back plate.

The nose cone, or should it be tail cone, covers rather nicely.

I had to take another piccy of the rather sweet plastic moulding......

 I guess this is cut by laser or water jet, sweet or what?

This is an axial flux three phase generator, as opposed to the radial of the old Navitron 300.

Now the Navitron was understated and the LE 600 is probably about right so they should produce about the same, well that's the theory anyway.

Here we go, start hauling on the tackle, having siliconed the connections under the bolted flange.

Le turnip flyet.  It's three phase three wire output travels down a rather beefy 10mm2 cable through a three phase 32 amp red connector and into the rectifier that comes with the machine.  From there it passes into a Watt meter to measure the output, thence through a 30 amp circuit breaker and into the the secondary distribution bus bars.  Where did the turnip come from, well I think this is the fault of the spell checker and me.  Easy mistake, turnip - turbine.