Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Eighteen month Toilet Update.

Yes it really is that long, I had to check.  

So how are we getting on with that bucket of poo in the corner.  Suffice to say that not many people actually want to use it themselves.  I can't really blame them, I don't know whether I would want to sit on a bucket of other peoples poo!  I guess that's where the Separett posh ones come into their own and cover up the contents until weight comes onto the seat. 

It has taken a lot longer for the contents of the buckets to compost over the winter period and I have used a larger warmer compost container but the end result was lovely crumbly compost, and rather sweet smelling even if I say so myself.

I now wash the buckets after each use instead of keeping the same one.  We have had an attack of the flies, small black ones.  The only thing to do is to change the container and fly-spray the area.  No problem but I think it happened in the summer when the grandchildren leave the lid open and the barge is all opened up too.  Something to think about, more irritating than anything else.

Are we still happy, yes, ecstatic.  One 20 litre bucket last three months for two with no problem.

Things to think about:

  • Flies, use bug netting on vent pipes and cowls where possible.
  • Clean the buckets, the theory of keeping it going I don't think is necessary.
  • I use hydrochloric acid to mitigate the immense scale build up in the pipework.I only use wipes and paper towels for cleaning.  Water and a stiff brush for the buckets.
  • The fan is easily kept going by the solar panels even in the winter. 
  • Clean the dust out of the fan pipework, there can be a large build up.

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