Monday, 29 April 2013

Playing with solar update.

Well I have managed to mount the panels.  The last few weeks have shown that you can get a helpful amount of energy from the panels.  The array is 160 watts of amorphous silicone stuff which gives an output of around 6amps peak.  We have regularly been getting between 4 and 5 so not so bad.  

I finished the MK1 solar mount yesterday and wired it in and turned it for the morning sun. I used the cut down wooden mast with a topmast like fitting to take the mount. Rather tall it is, I might have to have it a bit lower but we'll see. It is not discreet, the panels are about the size of a full sheet of ply and wave about 12 feet in the air.

It swivels so that I can point it south, it tilts so that I can adjust it for the time of year. 14 degrees in December to 62 degrees in June. On the other hand 38 degrees gives a pretty good summer - winter average.



We hit thirty knots last night and I was up and outside in the wee hours. The wind noise woke me, certainly different from normal. it moans round the panels. The mount is a facsimile of an American design that (kindly) put their engineering drawings on the net. They say it is good for 90mph. I have done a fair copy, even using the same (T60) type of ally. I did go down a size on the steel tube but I increased the thickness to compensate. The weight and windage is certainly no more than you would get from a sail so although it frets me it is no more than a steadying sail really. If the whole lot comes crashing down I'll let you know! ;D

I would like it to be a bit lower ideally but it's up now and I have lots of other things to do before sailing off this year.

Now to finish the solar hot water so I can have so time off for good behaviour!

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