Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Compost update.

Well we are still here, health is good, no rats, more importantly - no smell.  

I still can't quite believe it but there you have it, a bucket of poo and it doesn't smell.  I don't just mean the fan is taking the smell away to the outside either.  A nose test on a windless day says there are no niffs coming out of the  vent pipe.  If one sticks ones head as close the the bucket as possible there is still no noticeable smell.  Remember, we are not using a covering medium on this one.  It would fill up too quickly and that might be a problem in the future.

It's been four weeks now and the 20 litre bucket is not even up to the quarter full mark which is good news.  The Humaure handbook suggest that the average person creates 36Kg of poo per year.  Assuming 1Kg = 1 litre for arguments sake that means give or take that the two of us will fill 4 x 20 litre buckets.  I haven't checked yet but I assume that the 36Kg is a wet weight and that 70% of the weight of poo is water.  So with the drying and hopefully composting breakdown we may even have less to deal with, we'll see.

I have spoken to a family who are using the posh Separett Villa.  This toilet hides the bucket with a sliding panel and the weight on the toilet seat swings open the cover.  It also turns the bucket slightly to stop poo mountains  building up.  I have had to turn the bucket manually, it probably needs doing once a week.  I suppose one could use a poo stick but I suspect that disturbing the monster might cause a stink.  If we go to the dog poo in the street scenario, it's not until you tread in it that it starts to smell.

Cleaning is done with a wet wipe and polished off with a paper towel.  The blue plastic of the separator is getting water marks on it so I guess I will use some white vinegar to polish those off.  I give the wee bowl a spritz up a couple of times a day with some water in an old spray bottle.  Half a litre lasts a week.  We have always used a bin for the toilet paper.  It gets emptied when necessary and is burnt hot on the stove.  No smells from the wee side of things either.  Remember that the wee pipe is connected to the sink/shower sump and can either go overboard or into the grey water holding tank.  The sump tank does need cleaning once a month to stop the soap scum building up on the electronic level sensor.  Just a scrub with an old washing up nylon brush.

So far so good, happy bunnies all round but interestingly, not one of our frequent quests has ever asked to use the new toilet!  I'm also getting a reputation for talking poo but that's probably always been true.

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  1. I seem to think that I got a detailed viewing of your loo! X