Sunday, 12 February 2012

Tanks and things.

One of the tasks was to make and fit 6 extra inspection hatches into the tanks under the floor.  They came with just one in the middle.  No good as the sections beyond the baffles could not be reached.  One does wonder how many tanks there are running around without paint and full of build debris!

To save buying extra steel I made the hatches of a size that meant that the window cut outs could be used.  At the same time as the hatches were fitted I also organised the pipe fittings for the tanks.  Tank No 1 is 1000 litres and is for water, tank No 2 is also for water and is 750 litres and tank No 3 is 600 litres and is for the black water.  Black water is a pretty name for sewage.  Not all of the large tank fittings would fit under the floor and I was keen not to have them on the sides in case of leaks.  I made up some recessed cups and welded them in.

The tanks were cleaned up and primed and finished in tank black which is suitable potable water.  Handles were bent up and welded on.  I fitted my hatches by welding the bolts to the hatch and feeding the hatch through the opening, the holding bolts then protrude through holes drilled in the tank.  The hatches were bedded on a neoprene seal.  I used a polyurethane sealant on the black tank lids but made it undo-able by using some clingfilm to stop it sticking whilst it went off, then it was nipped up after.

I should really have radiused the corners of the tank cut outs to combat stress cracking but the tanks should not be too stressed hopefully.

During this tank time work carried on in the paint department.  The high build zinc primers changed from red to grey a couple of times and after and undercoat was finished in white gloss. I love white bilges me.

The paint wouldn't dry in the tanks and it took me a while to figure it out.  I had assumed it was the cold but it wasn't that cold.  The solvent driers coming off the paint are heavier than air and stayed inside tank.  I had to use a fan and flexible hose to suck the vapour out.  Yes it was ignition protected so we didn't blow up.

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