Sunday, 9 October 2011

The beginnings.

Strange isn't it how things work out.  We ended up getting into the housing market, buying at the bottom and then watching the prices rise and rise and rise.  But all the fuss that goes with owning a property, the maintenance, what happens if you want to move.  In the end it wasn't for us, I guess we are just not that type of people that can be nailed down like that.

My beloved came up with the idea of living on a boat.  We already had a 25' sailing boat so boats were not new to us.  We looked at thin boats and fat boats, we looked at floating cottages and ex fishing boats.  We looked at rather a lot of boats.  They all had one thing in common, they were old and needed work.  To do the work the sometimes beautiful interiors had to be ripped out and often they were not designed for that.  You end up with years of diy and additions on extensions on bodges.  Fine for some people but not for a fusspot like me, I just couldn't cope with it.

So in the end we went for a new build hull and I was to fit it out full time funded by the house sale.  This more or less coincided with the top of the housing boom so our foray into the property market turned out not to bad after all.  We moved into the little 25 foot boat in March with our two collie dogs and two cats.

As you can see, it's not a very big boat and the tide does cover the pathway now and again, but we managed somehow.

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